What we do


The design team use the clients concept/brief and using 3D CAD software create full design visuals, animations and technical schematics.


From our fully-equipped workshop in Bosham, West Sussex, we can create the most intricate or grandiose projects imaginable. Our skills and master tradesmen enable:

CNC Routing

Exhibition Stands

Lighting Rigs


Green Screens/Chroma Key

AV Rental

Container Conversions




End to end project management guaranteed. All aspects of exhibition stand installation, from initial concept, to on-site construction, A/V requirements and event administration. Contact our design team directly at any time, eliminating lead times, confusion and cost!

Offsetting our carbon footprint

Mossy Earth

Mossy Earth, in partnership with MV EXPO and our clients are helping to offset our carbon footprint


Mossy Earth is a social enterprise on a mission to bring true wilderness back to Europe. Through the framework of rewilding and reforestation, we offer individuals, schools and businesses the possibility to plant forests and restore key ecosystems while reducing their carbon footprint. 

A summary of our projects

The Wildfire Restoration project in the Douro Valley, Portugal seeks to reforest areas devastated by the 2017 wildfires that struck this beautiful region. 

The Healing Clear Cuts project in Romania aims to replant areas that have been illegally logged while also protecting existing old growth forests from further logging and poaching.

The Native Oak Woodland Restoration project seeks to develop sustainable land management practices to deal with the dominant Portuguese Broom, the ravenous Portuguese summer wildfires and regenerate native oak woodlands.

Foraois - Reversing Irelsnd’s History. Once the most forested land in Europe, where Gael means forest people, we are here to build native, healthy and resilient forests in Ireland. 

Mossy Earth Promise

· We only plant native species of trees. No invasives nor monocultures. Our trees are planted in protected areas to ensure your trees stay wild forever!

· We commit to replacing any trees lost within the first 3 years.

· We plant an additional 30% across all our projects to ensure we meet our impact as a group and as an insurance against any carbon calculation discrepancies.

· Every year, for the first 5 years, we will take a biomass measurement of the average CO2 stored per tree.